Warm up Event, July 2010

This weekend Just gone, myself and my daughter drove over to Tokoroa for an impromptu fly-in , organised on the Parkflyers site as a preliminary to a Pro-Bro event later in the year.

Note : a Pro-Bro (short for Profile Brotherhood) website here is a gathering of guys who just want to fly 3D, normaly profile fuselage planes, no flying in circles (called ‘CJ flyers”), planes get up to all sorts of cool tricks, and the guys have allot of fun.

Anyway , we drove over, leaving Hawera at 5am, arriving at Tokoroa just on 9am, the drive was frosty, -7 thru bennydale.

Chris J, Siang and Gordon all drove down from Auckland, Heather and Ian from WattsUp in Hastings drove over as well, and we all met up with the local SWMAC club members

Great day, few crashes (me), great combat flying (superflys and Yaks), 3D action, one turbine jet, some very fast ritewings and hotliers/pylon racers.

I also had 3 flights on the AT40 trainer, with 1400 watts of electric power, couldnt keep up with Bruces nitro powered AT40, theres always next time

Below are some videos from the day

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2 Responses to Warm up Event, July 2010

  1. brucesimpson says:

    Oh yeah, it was good to see some old faces and meet some new ones on the weekend.

    I’ve got some ProBro vids here that I’ll post soon so everyone can see how the ProBro movement is not just about RC planes but also a bout kin-ship and fun. Lots of fun in fact!

    Oh yes, it doesn’t hurt to be a bit outrageous either 🙂

  2. matwelli says:

    That will be good, will start collecting background content as well as linking to the profile broterhood main site

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