Do we need some “gear”?

It’s customary at a ProBro to wear a ProBro teeshirt. I’ve got one!

However, I’m figuring that probably very few (if any) others do.

Should we get some tee’s made for the weekend? It’d probably require getting payment in advance so nobody gets left holding a whole bunch of tee’s and people changing their minds or not turning up.

Maybe a “BroPack” could be carefully crafted, containing a teeshirt, some hobby-shop discount vouchers (which will need to be endorsed at the meeting to be valid), and perhaps a kitset PBF for those interested.

Any thoughts folks?

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3 Responses to Do we need some “gear”?

  1. siang says:

    Luv the idea but I’m not good enough to wear one. It’d be too embarassing for me, lol.

  2. My thoughts (at the moment, they change constantly) is we do a “bro pack” registration, cut off date 1 month before the event, for $50 or whatever. Any other flyer is classed as a “fun fly”, pays $10 or whatever landing fee for the two days. Caters for both the ProBros, and the interested flyer

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