Latest News from Event

Friday – the “pre-bro” (real Pro ro starts tomorrow)

The first flyers showed up, all the way from the south island , 15 hour travel time, and were ready to start “hucking” at 7:30 !

From Bruce Simpson

“News from the ProBro…

Jacko, Ampair, Heather, Ian and a South Island contingent have all arrived.

When I left (6:30pm) there was still no sign of Rob, Sarge or that vanload of hardcore fliers but I guess they’ll turn up soon.

Some good flying was had today — light wind straight down the strip, warm temps, plenty of sun.

*lots* of models there already – a trailerload from the South, a vanload from HB and a carload from Jacko.

Can’t wait until tomorrow…

I got some vid but didn’t take any stills — I’ll see what I can post”

“The first eager 3D fliers were there at 7:30am this morning — having traveled all the way from the South Island.

There has been a bit of 3D activity already with foamies and electrics but the real 3D action starts in earnest tomorrow when we break out the heavy-metal. There are Mojos and quite a selection of other profiles here already — plus an 85cc Sukhoi ready to huck low — with other gasers due to turn up tomorrow.

The forecast is for clear skies, warm temps and no wind.”

First Photos

Will post up photos as they come to hand

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