Day 1 update Sat 27th Nov 2010

Heres the latest from Tokoroa

“Wow, what a day!

Stunning weather, a really big crowd (probably 35 fliers), a wide range of people, profiles all over the place, Alex wooing the crowd with his 3D skills, great prizes from IFlyRC and Watts-Up, and a *really* unorthodox way of launching Ian’s new push/pull electric that worked out really well.

Lots of food, lots of cold drinks, some hilarious foamie action, an exploding Kyosho Spitfire that emitted a massive plume of smoke — the list of great stuff is too long to list.

Sorry Mat and Weldingrod — I’ll try not to rub it in.

And, CAA says they were chuffed with the way we have organised things and the way people were behaving.

A big win all-round me thinks.

Pictures and video on the way.”

“It was a good day for it. More sunburn than anybody needed, a couple of fragmentary landings (But done in the very best of taste) and even RCMR flying electrically.
The locals have a cunning trick – they have trained myriads of micro flying beasties to wizz into your eyes as you lift off, other beasts race in your ears, and should you attempt to remark on this plague, well, you better not be a vegetarian.
Jacko must have allowed a bit of BMW ‘flu to get into his hangar and several models suffered mysterious maladies. This included an elevon servo that was intermittently slow in one direction. Not your everyday fault, I believe he had a technical word for that type of servo, but I didn’t quite get the spelling.”

And photos from Rodger and Bruce !

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2 Responses to Day 1 update Sat 27th Nov 2010

  1. Marko says:

    WE WANT PICS!!!!!

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