Tokoroa Takeoff !

Well, have decided to promote the fun-fly seperately as it has the potential to be a major event for RC flying in New Zealand

The Tokoroa Takeoff! site is up !

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What do you want at the ProBro?

Okay folks — now’s your time to speak up!

We’ve originally pitched this meeting as a 3D/Profile fly for fun but it’s getting even bigger than that so we’re keen to hear exactly what kind of things you’d like to see.

Do you want some informal workshops and demos of other aspects of the hobby you might not be aware of? For instance — who wants to learn more about DLGs? 2.4GHz RC systems? Lipo care (and what happens when things go wrong)? etc?

And how about we organise a new NZ record for the most RC models in the air at one time? We’ve sure got enough space for it at Tokoroa Airfield and with the use of 2.4GHz there shouldn’t be any problems with frequency clashes so why not go for it?

A record-setting/attempt like this will also make it much easier to get the media along so that the rest of the country can see how much fun our hobby really is.

Please post your ideas as a comment to this article.

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FaceBook group created

Spreading the net, created a facebook group for this event
Tokoro 2010 ProBro event

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Do we need some “gear”?

It’s customary at a ProBro to wear a ProBro teeshirt. I’ve got one!

However, I’m figuring that probably very few (if any) others do.

Should we get some tee’s made for the weekend? It’d probably require getting payment in advance so nobody gets left holding a whole bunch of tee’s and people changing their minds or not turning up.

Maybe a “BroPack” could be carefully crafted, containing a teeshirt, some hobby-shop discount vouchers (which will need to be endorsed at the meeting to be valid), and perhaps a kitset PBF for those interested.

Any thoughts folks?

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Thanks to the sponsors!

We’re looking for sponsors to provide prizes for those flying at the event and we’re happy to name individual events after sponsors.

Sponsors will receive prominent credits in videos from the event that are posted to the XJet YouTube Channel and (if graphics or stickers are provided) will be prominently promoted to fliers and public at the event.

So if you’re in a position to sponsor an event, please let us know and your name could appear on this list:

Current sponsors:

Watts Up Hobbies
I Fly RC Hobbies
Phlatkits NZ
Kiwi RC

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Help choose a date!

We need to get the date sorted this week and right now, two weekends have been suggested for later in the year.

November 20/21 or November 27/28

The airfield is free on both these days but we need to make up our minds and book it ASAP to make sure nobody else gets in ahead of us.

November is getting close to the start of the warm settled weather of summer and is probably as late as we can leave things without running into school holidays, the Nationals and other family/flying commitments.

Have your say now!

If you don’t have a say then you can’t grizzle if the 2010 Kiwi ProBro falls on a date that’s inconvenient for you.

Speak up!

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What is a ProBro?

What is a ProBro?

Well the word ProBro comes from Profile Brotherhood and is as much about people as model aircraft.

Typically, ProBros fly profile 3D models. These are purpose-built and designed models designed to do one thing, and do it without compromise. That “thing” is 3D aerobatics.

However, ProBro’s can be seen flying all manner of models in addition to their “slabs”.  Indeed, many Bro’s enjoy flying almost anything with wings or rotors – but their one true love is wringing some eyepopping 3D out of a profile.

Perhaps because of this shared interest there is a huge level of comradery within the ranks of ProBros and this extends far beyond just time spent at the flying field.

But most of all, being a ProBro is about having fun — and lots of it!

Here are some videos that show just how much fun can be had flying a profile, regardless of the weather.  Note that the carnage is optional 🙂

So, if you think you’d like to join in the fun and make a lot of new friends, get ready to attend the first ever Kiwi ProBro rally in Tokoroa!

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