What is a Pro-Bro

What is a ProBro?

Well the word ProBro comes from Profile Brotherhood and is as much about people as model aircraft.

Typically, ProBros fly profile 3D models. These are purpose-built and designed models designed to do one thing, and do it without compromise. That “thing” is 3D aerobatics.

However, ProBro’s can be seen flying all manner of models in addition to their “slabs”.  Indeed, many Bro’s enjoy flying almost anything with wings or rotors – but their one true love is wringing some eyepopping 3D out of a profile.

Perhaps because of this shared interest there is a huge level of comradery within the ranks of ProBros and this extends far beyond just time spent at the flying field.

But most of all, being a ProBro is about having fun — and lots of it!

Here are some videos that show just how much fun can be had flying a profile, regardless of the weather.  Note that the carnage is optional 🙂

So, if you think you’d like to join in the fun and make a lot of new friends, get ready to attend the first ever Kiwi ProBro rally in Tokoroa!


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